Engage with the equines!

Horses and horsemanship pretty much dominate my life these days, even though I didn’t know one end of a horse from another when I began. I started with horses from scratch, at age 42. It’s been a process, to put it lightly.

Here is a very quick rundown of what happened to me, as introduction for stories of equestrian adventures you may soon be privy to.

2005: about the first thing I did when we arrived in our new country home was obtain a horse, the obliging yet deceiving Jack.

20061218 closeup

I didn’t want Jack to be lonely on our place, so I sauntered down to a local horse rescue and adopted the cutest thing they had, almost without question. Game-changer. Life-changer. Too bad he didn’t have his real eyes showing at the rescue, I could have been saved. It’s Danny.

20090303 Danny

After a few years of frolicking around with those two,

20111217 J and D

I decided I needed a new horse, one that didn’t have a lot of baggage and bad habits. I wound up with Bridger, a really, really new horse.

201110 baby

Without a broken bone yet, Bridger and I have progressed, as follows:

B n K cropped

There, 9 years of intense initiation, grindingly hard work, intermittent terror, cyclical discouragement and a hell of a lot of joy, all encapsulated in a comic strip.


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