Welcome to my world

Just lately I’ve started saying it: I am a writer.  One who writes and would like to be read.  So it is only de rigueur that I blog.  I am 52 years old as I write this, embarking on my fifth great life pursuit (after my first career teaching elementary school, my second career in the law, my marriage and acquisition of step-children and my entry into the world of horses).  Writing is the one that has been lurking all along.

The necessary backstory is concise.  To celebrate our mid-life crisis, my husband and I moved from the Denver megalopolis in our 40s to the woods in southwest Colorado.  This is my backyard:


I read Little House on the Prairie 10,000 times, I figured I was ready. I was wrong.

But that was almost 12 years ago. In that time, we’ve made lots of new friends (but have not learned to take quality photographs):

Young doe elk:
Doe Elk Apr 2009

Turkey in a tree (I didn’t know they could do that):
Turkey in a tree

Great horned owl (a pair has nested with us consistently throughout):

So here we are, country people.  I intend to blog about horses and writing and writing about horses.  If that goes well, I may branch out.  Welcome.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Hi Kate! Val here. I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts and your (better than you seem to think) photographs. I’m forwarding you blog onto my sister, who at the age of forty-two began her life with horses (she’s 48 now). You stories, at least from a distance, are similar. Great to hear your voice on these pages.

    • Val! How great to hear from you and thanks for passing on the link. I’d love to hear about/from you sister! I’ve been thinking about you — I’m coming to the end of this experiment with being an attorney and being called strongly back towards teaching. Hope you and your lovely family are all well!

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