Leaving Kenyon


Seven days in a wood-panelled room with 9 other writers.  After saturating our  minds with the possibilities, Rebecca McClanahan leaves us with the following, aiming us toward our own further development:

  • What (or who, where when) keeps rising up from what you have written?
  • What do you not yet understand about your subject?  List these questions.  What remains to be written or researched?  List missing links
  • List all the possible forms, shapes, structures the material could take and find the one
  • Who else has done a similar project/text? How might yours be similar or different?
  • What is the biggest obstacle you face 1) with the project, 2) with your writing in general, 2) with your writing life?
  • What can you do, starting today, to overcome – or use – that obstacle?
  • If the writing god told you that you could write only 10 more pages before you die, what would you write?
  • What are you waiting for?



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