Learning to write and learning to ride

“Horsemanship and life, it’s all the same to me” ~ Buck Brannaman

The novice horseman and the novice writer will

  • learn skills, learn approaches, learn theory, and then forget about them and just do it
  • watch and emulate the best and then be shut in a room to develop her own way
  • bang her head on walls and then discover they are mirrors
  • look at the mountain, look at the teaspoon in her hand, and then begin
  • run as fast as she can and wind up back at the damn mirror
  • find it inside or not find it at all
  • wish the whole freaking thing would leave her alone
  • understand that this is now her life, other plans be damned
  • wonder why it took so long to get started


IMG_3625Writer's desk


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